Unlock the energy potential of any residential property

Elevate your services with Advise to facilitate homeowners' shift towards energy-efficient homes. Through personalised simulations, you can provide actionable insights for your customers’ energy efficient home upgrades.

Why use Assess?

Boost green lending

Make green lending your competitive advantage and become a market leader in sustainable finance, scaling on your terms.

Grow data coverage and reduce risk

Improve EPC data coverage and accuracy through energy assessments for entire portfolio, in minutes.

Identify misclassified assets

Accurately identify and correct misclassified properties through statistical modelling and data enrichment. In seconds.

Segment and target customers

Assess and segment your customers according to the baseline of their property's energy performance - in real time.

Stay ahead of regulation

Adapt to regulatory change and manage changing ESG compliance requirements.

Unlock convenient customer journeys

Improve your user experience and conversion with Vilda’s plug and play Assess UI and SDKs.

Why choose Advise?

Tailored Efficiency Plans

Offer your customers personalised advice for their energy upgrades, maximising savings and investment return.

Customer Engagement

Enhance user experience with insightful, personalised advice on energy efficiency, fostering engagement and financial inclusion.

Green Loan Origination

Use Advise to qualify your customers for green loans, meeting legal standards and promoting sustainable financing.

How  Advise works?

Maximise the full potential for your customers

Connect to a single API

One simple integration with Vilda’s state-of-the-art API gives you access to all our data. 

Leverage your property data

Incorporate your data on individual residential properties, using our simple and well-documented data schemas.

Get green upgrade recommendations

Receive a customised set of recommended green upgrades for your customer’s home, complete with estimated cost, energy consumption, and EPC rating impact assessments. Also allowing for customer preferences and existing home upgrade plans.

Build powerful customer experiences

Use the simulations to engage your customers with innovative digital journeys, features, and customer support while helping them make informed financial decisions.

Use case

Assess the baseline

Assess the valuation and actual energy profile of a property in CO2, kWh and energy rating (EPC), at both the individual and portfolio level - with and without user input.

Use case

Qualify customers

Identify and qualify customers for green products and services. Drive engagement in green premium incentive products for the transition by providing green financing for highly energy efficient buildings, and for sustainable refurbishment as well as energy efficiency measures in existing buildings.

Assess UI

Make data collection a breeze

Our out-of-the-box UX - Assess UI flow is fast to implement across web and mobile. Your customers are guided through a simple conversational process to Assess and Optimise their homes' energy profile, in minutes.

Easy integration and customisation

Seamlessly integrate our customisable UX flow into your app. Adjust messages, buttons, and colours to align with your brand, ensuring a smooth user experience. Our solution focuses on simplicity, allowing you to concentrate on your product rather than complex integrations.

Optimised UX for conversion

Optimise your user experience based on user data, streamlining the process of evaluating and enhancing home energy profiles. This efficiency allows customers to complete assessments quickly and easily, with minimal input data.

Versatile and Low-Maintenance

Designed for versatility, our flow can be adapted to various user journeys without the need for intricate front-end integrations, like app-to-app redirects.

Complete control and support

Control over the user experience with our white-label solution. We provide extensive support, including detailed error messaging and event logs for in-depth user insights, all accessible from our intuitive Dashboard.

Get to know Assess

Experience the Assess user journey

Here’s a step-by-step look at how you can use Vilda’s API to build green products, services and  workflow experiences.


Feature one

Make an Address request

Use the Address endpoint to submit a GET request.
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"You can tell there is a lot of thought put behind every detail. I don’t think they could have done a better job!" - Laura

Feature two

Create a Building Model

Use the Address endpoint to submit a GET request.


Feature three

Simulate heading goes here

Use the Address endpoint to submit a GET request.


Feature four


Use the Address endpoint to submit a GET request.

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